Re-focus your efforts with this 21-day challenge.

Here’s how it works:
1) Follow our nutritional guidelines
2) Group Workout 3-5 days a week and on your own on other days.
3) Private Facebook Group
4) Body Metrix Ultrasound before and after
5) Weekly Coaching Call

The Challenge begins on Saturday, November 25. There will be an orientation meeting and you will receive a Body Metrix Ultrasound Body Comp. Test to determine your starting point.

During the Challenge you will attend FIT classes, members will attend their regular classes, non-members may attend up to 3 classes per week. A work out schedule and program will be provided for days that you do not attend classes. Your goal is to workout at least 5x a week and be active every day for 21 days. Another important component is a nutritional guideline which will include a shopping list, suggested meals and foods to eat, as well as foods to avoid. Join the private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share pictures, thoughts, recipes, stories, etc. Lastly, there will be a weekly coaching call via Zoom, that you can check in and ask questions and get tips and advice.

Success is dependent on your determination and your willingness to follow the program. This is a 21 Day Re-Focus and is meant to get you started on the right path, it is not intended to fix everything in 21 days.

Heres to your success.
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