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No matter what the focus is on a given day of Boot Camp, you’ll be training in a positive and welcoming environment alongside peers who are dedicated to improving their health, fitness, and athleticism. We challenge and encourage our members to give one hundred percent in every exercise and every circuit. The spirit of friendly competition brings out our members’ very best efforts. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when your coaches and peers are cheering you on. We offer morning and evening boot camps at a variety of locations. See our schedule for details.

Boot camp is open to people of every fitness level. Whether you’re training for your next triathlon or just trying to get back in shape, we’ll adapt the moves for your level and challenge you as you improve.

Boot camps for every body

Outdoor boot camps (indoors on rainy days) are at the heart of our offering at Focused Integrated Training and are a surefire way to get fit fast. At Boot camp, you’ll target every aspect of your body with specialized exercise techniques in a group setting that will inspire and motivate you.

Variety is the key to continuously challenging yourself and achieving total fitness. Each class includes dynamic warm ups to increase joint range of motion and prepare the muscles and nervous system for athletic movement and more vigorous activity. One day the focus may be on cardio; other days it may be on strength. No matter what, each session will include our signature cardio-strength intervals designed to burn fat and engage every muscle group.

One day we may be jumping rope and running sprints. The next day the focus may be on flexibility and exercises like high kicks, which test your range of motion and engage muscles you don’t usually use.

On strength day, you’ll target your core with TRX exercises, or your upper body with free weights. Boot Camp class may also include climbing stairs, resistance bands, medicine balls, sand bags, battling ropes, body weight exercises, weights, and so much more. We really like to mix it up so there’s never a dull workout.

Here’s an example of a boot camp workout:

  • 10-15 minute dynamic warm up gradually increasing in intensity
  • Large muscle group stretch
  • Cardio-Strength circuit with weights and jump rope
  • Core work on mat
  • Cardio run/stair climb around the facility
  • Competitive challenge
  • Cool down and recap/wrap of goals achieved

Forget about treadmills and other exercise machines. The variety of workouts in a given month of Boot camp ensures that your mind and body will be fully engaged as you strengthen every muscle group, using both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and move athletically through your body’s entire range of motion.

“I’m totally not fitness oriented but going to EvergreenFIT Boot camp is an awesome experience. It’s fun, energetic and a relaxed pace that gives you an optimal workout. It’s a tough workout, but each one is so different and fun that you just want to come back week after week.”

Patricia C.

“I was in a fitness rut, totally unmotivated. I decided I needed a jump start, and I found just that at EvergreenFIT Boot camp. I find that with every week I’m able to do more and more. This is a great workout with lots of variety and all the encouragement of a group class. And, there are lots of levels of participants. You don’t have to be fit already to join.”

Shawn P.

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