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Supercharge Your Fitness Program with Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is a great option for members who want to start or refresh their fitness regimen or are looking to implement a regimen with specific goals in mind. With personal training, you’ll collaborate with your coach to set reachable goals and expectations and enjoy the highest levels of accountability and support as you work to achieve them. If you are seeking an individualized program designed to target your problem areas and meet your specific goals with a completely personalized touch, personal training is for you. Focused Integrated training programs address all areas of functional fitness, including strength, core conditioning, flexibility, balance, mobility, and endurance. These programs enable the client to improve their lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, boost their metabolism, and develop a toned, flexible and more athletic body.

Each client receives a thorough movement analysis and assessment to determine body mass index, body fat percentage and target weight. Your coach will recommend fitness targets for strength, flexibility, balance and mobility and measure your progress at regular intervals. You’ll benefit from detailed real-time personalized feedback from an expert who will tweak your movements and adjust routines in order to elevate your performance to new levels.

Personal training can be for any specific fitness goals you have in mind – whether it’s shaving seconds off your mile time or making it safely up and down the stairs. You can build strength, boost your metabolism, lose body fat and develop a more toned, flexible athletic body. Your personal trainer will keep you motivated and give you the tools and skills to get there.

“I started training with Mike over a year ago, and I have never been happier with my fitness level and my body. Mike is constantly changing my workouts, which not only keeps my body on its toes, but keeps me interested and motivated. Thanks to Mike, I have finally achieved the lean, muscular and flexible body that I have always wanted.”

Traci M.

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