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Race Training for Everyone

IMG_2811-150x150There’s nothing like a race or competition to focus your training efforts. That’s why we always encourage our members to participate in races – whether it’s a local fun run for beginners or a marathon or triathlon for more advanced athletes.

Silicon Valley abound with local runs year round, and we participate as a group in several, such as the Applied Materials Turkey Trot in San Jose, registering our members and showing up in force to cheer them on.

Whatever your race, we offer race training classes in the weeks and months leading up to your run. Out FIT Run Club classes are designed to increase your endurance and hone your technique – especially your stride, the way your legs and arms move together to maintain fluidity and momentum.

On interval training days, you’ll run three to five miles in a single session, starting with a one-mile warm-up. Then you’ll run the rest in various intervals including sprints, medium intervals, and jogs. You’ll also learn the strategy and approach for your particular kind of race.

If you’re running a longer race, like a 10k or a marathon, pace training will be a huge part of your prep. You’ll have training sessions when your focus will be just on getting your pace right – by practicing covering a certain distance in a certain time over and over again.

Whether you win the race, set a new personal record or just make it across the finish line for the first time, you’ll have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and probably some new muscles and friendships to show for your efforts.

“Since joining Boot Camp, I’ve participated in four running events ranging from 5 – 10K. Weekly boot camps have helped me stay accountable to my goals and as weight came off, I became even more motivated to make other changes.”


“This will be the first year I will actually run 5Ks and I signed up for my first half marathon in April. I have gained the confidence in my ability to do something that I used to hate which was running.”

Marty Jo L.

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