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smallgroup2Small group personal training is a great way to combine the increased attention levels of personal training with the friendly competitive spirit of our group sessions.

Receive all of the benefits of personal training at a reduced price. Studies show that people who exercise with one or more friends or partners are more likely to keep up their program. Being part of a small group makes you accountable. Schedule sessions with a spouse, friend, or ask to be placed in a group with people who have similar goals and fitness needs. Small group training is two to four people.

Personalized attention allows you to get specific, actionable feedback as you develop and work towards specific goals, while the group setting keeps you accountable. Join an existing group, or team up with two or three friends or family members, or members of your sports team to work toward your shared fitness goals. Want to get fit at work? We also offer personalized group training to employees at San Jose area companies. Our trainers will come to your corporate campus and work with you and a group of your co-workers. This is a great way to stay in shape and build relationships in your office.

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