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Spin Class

Spin Your Way to Fitness

Spinning is a great cardio exercise and an excellent way to improve your energy level, endurance and joint strength. If you’re looking to improve endurance for road riding, isolate your leg muscles for strength training or get in a low-impact cardio workout, spin is the class for you. Spinning is also great for runners who may need additional cardio training that aides with leg turnover and pacing.

You’ll ride to an upbeat soundtrack of today’s hits and member requests in the spin studio at Evergreen Valley High School, which is equipped with 30 stationary bikes.

Low impact, high intensity

Although the workout is low-impact – ideal if you’re rehabbing from a joint injury – it’s high intensity and scalable to every fitness level. When you’re ready, “A quarter turn up” (our favorite command) will ratchet up the intensity level.

We follow the Tabata protocol, which is a dynamic technique for getting the most out of your workout – 20 seconds of max effort, followed by a ten-second recovery period, repeated over four minutes. This ensures optimal engagement of your muscle groups and cardiovascular system.

Spinning is for anyone looking to improve stamina and energy level and is a great cardio alternative for people who don’t like to run.

“Can you actually love and hate someone at the same time? Mike would be the guy. He’s very direct and knows his business, but the spinning class kicked my a#*. Yes, I’ll be back.”

Bobby T.

“Coach Mike’s Spin class is a fun, energetic workout that challenges both my strength and cardiovascular fitness to help keep me in top biking form for my triathlon training.”

Belinda Y.

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