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Sports Performance Training

Raise the Level of Your Game with Sports Performance Training

IMG_3021-150x150At Focused Integrated Training, we train all our members as athletes regardless of their fitness background and experience. For our members actively competing in organized sports, we offer training sessions tailored to the specific demands of your particular sport.

Speed and strength require balance, coordination and flexibility. We’ll help you set sport-specific goals for yourself when you start your training. For example:

  • Improve your speed and lateral movement with cone drills and agility ladders.
  • Build strength with TRX Body Blast and weight training.
  • Improve coordination and prevent injury by developing smooth, efficient movement

As you work with our coaches to improve core stability and body control, you’ll achieve new levels of strength and agility to up your game. You’ll run faster, cut sharper, and swing harder. We’ll also help you develop the competitive mindset to bring it all together on the court, course or field and come out on top! An additional benefit of sports performance training is injury prevention. Strengthening weak muscles and improving flexibility and range of motion in tight areas translates to more time competing in the game and less time on the sidelines nursing injuries. Sports Performance training can be scheduled as personal training or a small group session. If you want to bring the whole team, we can do that too.

“My 15 year old son, has been playing tennis since he was 5, started training with Mike a year ago in order improve his game. Within a short time we started to see the benefits on the court. The training gave him much needed power on his serve and other shots in addition to improving his speed and footwork.”

Shekhar K.

“My son started strength training sessions with Mike in January to prepare for his upcoming track and fie​ld season. The strength training sessions were immensely helpful​ and we saw improvement in his running form and efficiency which translated to personal best times in all of his events.”


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