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TRX Training

Certified TRX Training

TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) is one of the very best all-around training tools, whether you’re leaving your couch for the first time or you have multiple triathlons under your belt. This deceptively simple two-strap suspension system was originally developed by Navy SEALS and generates tension and resistance from your own body weight.

FIT head trainer Mike Coleman has multiple TRX certifications and we offer standalone TRX training and also incorporate it into many of our Boot Camps, individual and small group workouts and athletic performance training.

It’s unstable . . . and that’s a good thing

What makes TRX one of our favorite training tools is the fact that it’s unstable. Because you’re not pushing on a lever or a bar that can only move a certain way, you have to recruit more of your peripheral muscles to stabilize yourself. Why else do we love it?

  • Works for all fitness levels
  • Portable—we love to hook on to a fence and work outdoors
  • Engages your core in all exercises

TRX is a great system for strength training and building muscle, while improving your flexibility and range of motion at the same time. TRX straps can be used to target every part of the body, and the difficulty level is scalable, so it’s accessible to people of every level of athleticism.

After just a few 45-minute sessions, you’ll notice increased muscle tone and definition, especially in your core. It’s a cardio, resistance, flexibility and balance workout all rolled into one, and one of the best and fastest ways we know of to get fit. If you haven’t tried it, you’re going to love it.

“TRX is the all encompassing workout that I use to improve my overall core strength and agility”

Jessica T. (marathon runner)

“I love TRX classes, the difference in my core strength and overall fitness is dramatic”

Lizzette R

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