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Weight Training

Weight Training Workouts for Everyone

IMG_3169Weight training isn’t just about building muscle – it’s about improving joint and muscle strength – and it’s not just for bodybuilders or fitness fanatics. At FIT, we emphasize weight training as one of the keys to unlocking your inner athlete. We offer it as part of our boot camps at all of our Silicon Valley sites, but also as a standalone class for those who want to lift heavier weights or progress to a more serious level.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s really fun being strong. You’ll do things with ease you never thought possible before. Our members love how weight training makes them look and feel, and you will too!

Feel at home in the weight room

Never done weight training? Intimidated by the weight room? Lots of our members come to their first weight training session never having lifted a weight in their life. Our coaches start with the basics, teaching weightlifting form and body posture. You’ll learn how to work with a partner, and how to progress your load, so that you can alternate safely between lighter and heavier weights. You’ll learn how to structure your sets and reps for best results. Before you know it you’ll be right at home in the weight room. If you’re already familiar with weight training, we’ll help improve your form, suggest new exercises to challenge you and keep your workout fresh. We use both timed sets and rep counting to structure our workouts, which may include both concentric and eccentric training and often use the “lift weights faster” modality to incorporate both cardio and power training.

Weight training equipment includes Olympic barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. We encourage free weight training rather than machine training because it engages more muscles to control and stabilize movement. Weight training is perfect for people of all fitness levels. We’ll meet you at your level and help you gradually increase your strength.

“Challenging class, pushes beyond comfort zone…in a good way. Mike provides great form and techniques training.”

Sri M.

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